The secret to boosting your collagen naturally!

You probably already know about collagen; you heard it from your CrossFit teammates, the yoga club, or your mom is taking it.

Collagen is a popular supplement across all ages: it helps people who do sport regularly, elders, and anyone who want to improve the health of their skin and connective tissue (knees, ankles, elbows, etc.). 

It’s easy to take, affordable, and blends into your favorite smoothie, yogurt, or coffee to take it on the go. Your collagen can fit your routine easily:

  • Mix it in your morning coffee
  • Add it to your afternoon snack
  • Blend it with vegetable soup, like pumpkin, for supper.

You will see how easy it is to get all the collagen benefits in one take.

What are the benefits of taking collagen? 

  • Supports Your Immune System
  • Helps Hair and nail growth
  • Keep Nerve Cells Healthy 
  • Supports bones, muscles, joints, and cartilage

Collagen helps you look young: your skin will look youthful, your hair and nails will grow, and most importantly, you will be better at sports.

How Can Copper Help You Build Stronger Collagen?

Your body makes collagen naturally, and when you take supplementation is to help your body produce more or better quality collagen. 

When your body is producing collagen, one of the last steps is called enzymatic cross-linking: collagen molecules are linked together to form connective tissue, and the nutrient that makes this happen is Copper.

Why is Copper important for health?

Without Copper, your knees and ankles would be floppy and weak since Copper is the vital element behind connective tissue.

Copper helps your body with the following:

  • Keeping your bones and muscles healthy
  • Growing new blood vessels
  • Regulating cholesterol and hormones
  • Boosting your immune system

What blocks the absorption of Copper?

A denture cream. Most denture creams have zinc, which inhibits the absorption of Copper. Take Zinc supplements or eat zinc-rich foods like oysters, red meat, beans, crab, lobster, and dairy. But stay within the daily recommended dose of 8 milligrams (mg) for women and 11 mg for adult men. 

What are the symptoms of a Copper deficiency?

People with an active lifestyle or elders can have a Copper deficiency. These are common symptoms for people with a Copper deficiency:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Frequent sickness
  • Fragile bones
  • Short attention spans
  • Feeling pain to walk
  • Pale skin
  • Premature vision loss

How much Copper a day is too much?

The daily recommended dose is 8-10 grams of Copper per day. Unless your doctor recommends a different amount, only get that. For example, the food with the highest dose of Copper is Beef liver; a 4-ounce serving has 16,070 micrograms, more than 18 times your daily value.

The good news is that adding Copper to your diet is easy and delicious. Some foods high in Copper are chocolate, fish, nuts, shellfish, and whole grains. 

Which fruits are high in Copper?

If you like fruits, you can have all the Copper benefits by eating: durians, avocados, guavas, pomegranates, blackberries, kiwis, mangos, and pineapple.

Can I have a Copper overdose?

Unless you eat beef liver or clams every day, it’s unlikely you will get a Copper overdose. Also, if you don’t like the flavor of those foods and your doctor recommends adding Copper to your diet, our formula would be a great help.

Can I take Collagen and Copper?

Our secret for Collagen absorption is incorporating Copper into our formula. Dighealthy’s collagen formula is hydrolyzed and boosted with Copper and Prebiotics. Dighealthy’s collagen:

  • It’s Easy to digest
  • It has a neutral smell and improved taste
  • Blends easily with hot beverages
  • Fast Absorption
  • From Pasture-raised & Hormone Free cows

We added Copper to help your Collagen intake build better connective tissue. As a result, you will have stronger knees, pain-free ankles and steps, tighter skin, and healthy hair and nails.

Now you know how to make the best of your daily Collagen intake. Try our formula today and experience the benefits of Collagen and Copper.

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